Rudolf Steiner – mysticism or science

Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) is a founder of Antroposophia after separated from Theosophical Society and a founder of Goetheanum  Free University of Spiritual Science in Dornah, near Basel. Antroposophia or wisdom of man do not impose boundaries. She awakes and develops man metaphysical ability with which he complements knowledge gain by sensory observation.

Steiner studied mathematics, physics, chemistry and natural history at a Technical University of Vienna. He also attended lectures of philosophers Robert Zimmermann and Franz Bretano at University in Vienna. In 1891 he got his PhD at the University of Rostock. His thesis title was “The basic question of epistemology, especially of relation to Fichte’s philosophy of science”. Further reading in quote is from foreword from Yugoslavian edition from 1987 of Steiner’s lecturers “Philosophy, Cosmology and Religion”

“Modern civilization with its boundaries push people activities in sphere of specialization, with that man loses feelings of non dividing unique nature of himself. Start point of that unification is in the core of his  consciousness and his I. This core is the highest principle of his being and element which gives him inner unity. With this knowledge not only that man is one unity but that this man unity is reflection of Universe unity.”

Hidden metaphysical nature modern man do not know, no it he observe it, nor it he gives her a name. Because of that Steiner description of phenomenon of human nature is important for which they are beyond our grasp. Steiner includes medicine, pedagogy, agriculture in his observation of the man and world.”

In this trilogy of Philosophy, Cosmology and Religion unity is establishes when

  1. Wisdom is gain throughout clairvoyants and clear knowledge of ether body
  2. Man feels that he is part of the Cosmos where harmony reviles in his self by understanding man astral being.
  3. Is in contact with divine world from which he is coming in which he goes back with clear sense of human I.

This trilogy might look as pure abstraction if we see human nature only in the boundaries of physical body.  So if we want to try to understand this we should see spirit as realty. Enlarging of three abilities, thinking, feeling and will, soul goes to three higher consciousness: imaginative, inspiring and intuitive. Imagination, Inspiration and Intuition enlarge human consciousness where today man features. They can be gain when we stronger consciousness, when we from physical body go in the world of spirit.

As we see through history of philosophy there are examples of this taught which was not still shaped. Especially we can find it in Early Renascence Taught where there was struggle of authorities from traditional church dogma to revival antic word. There are re-presenters like Pico Della Mirandola or Paracelsus. We can surely see that also in science where Nicola Kuzanski see man as microcosms and picture of universe.

The pearl button

Recently, I saw film at the Free zone documentary film festival: “The Pearl Button” by Patricio Guzman, Chilean documentarian who lives in France. In his move he describes Chilean Indians who lived in Patagonia. There were five tribes and they were all connected with Pacific Ocean either it was their way of transport by canoe or it was they agape or source of food. What is interesting that Rudolf Steiner often mention ancient humans and their direct contact with universe and divine spirit. I could not resist of impression that this 10.000 old Indians tribe in Chile, who does not know the God but see their dead connected to the Cosmos and the stars, have strong sense of Universe and unity of man and Cosmos.

Then on the other side on north of Chile we have large observatory where astrophysics and astronomers are looking with hundred of devices the Cosmos and yes man was always attracted to Universe, looking to that missing link.

Author: Petar Podolski

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