“A single spark can set the world aflame” – if I have heard the providence, would I have believed it?

How futile is it to chase contingencies, triggers, out-of-sight causes, I realized when I first thought of how I got to know you, because I honestly didn’t know – neither when nor how, but it verged in behind me, around me, silently – and there I was, off to see you for the first time, to make every possibility become real, tangible. Whatever the cause may have been, did it foresee in its act, I wondered, the moment when I laid my eyes on you for the first time in the park, of your image surrounded by the haze of the winter noon – a moment when all the beauty was proclaimed real – it was a distant flutter of butterfly wings, foretelling future from a long lost time. How I seem to understand the depth of bus stations and of train stations, of endless arrivals and meetings – of great grave departures – of heart strings stretched and broken in tears, of long lost friends and lovers, of lovers never meant to be; How shallow it is to only observe – I observed people countless times, their hugs and long awaited gazes, of their fate intertwined in kisses – how everything changes after I felt it, experienced it;

The thought of fate, that we were destined to be in this world, together in the now, of how it could have slipped between our fingers like air from our lungs, thinned out into ether, never to be seen again, and yet it didn’t, and can never do so again – and the cheering thought that winds up playfully back in a loop – Did it all lead to this exact moment? To the moment of your skin feeling like liquid burning wax on top of mine, melted by a spark that set the world aflame…

Author: Dimitrije Ostojić

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